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Laboratory Multimeter C3010-C3030





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Laboratory Multimeter C3010-C3030-pH - mV - conductivity - resistivity - salinity - TDS - dissolved oxygen - temperature-Two independent channels for all measurements !

  • pH Multi-point (1...5) calibration for more linearity.
  • Selectable resolution from 0.001 pH to 0.1 pH.
  • Automatic calibration with any of eleven pre-programmed and five user specified pH buffers.
  • Create your own buffer/temperature tables!
  • Accepts pH electrodes with any zero point (Eo) between ±999 mV.
  • mV
  • Features mV calibration for accurate ORP measurements.
  • Selectable resolution from 0.1 mV to 1 mV.
  • Conductivity Multi-point (1...3) calibration for more linearity.
  • An electrode with a typical cell constant of 1 cm-1 (standard) permits to measure from 0.01 µS/cm to 200 mS/cm in five ranges.
  • An electrode with a typical cell constant of 0.1 cm-1 permits to measure from 0.001 µS/cm to 20 mS/cm in five ranges.
  • An electrode with a typical cell constant of 10 cm-1 permits to measure from 0.1 µS/cm to 2000 mS/cm in five ranges.
  • Automatically selects correct range and frequency. Selectable reference temperature: 20° or 25°C.
  • Automatic calibration with any of three preprogrammed and three user specified standard solutions.
  • Create your own standard/temperature tables!
  • Allows to lock the initial conductivity range to avoid non-linear titration curves.
  • Accurate low conductivity measurements by eliminating the capacitive component of the electrode and its cable (avoid the use of long cables!).
  • Dissolved oxygen
  • Operates with a galvanic dissolved oxygen electrode requiring no polarisation time and no zero calibration.
  • Selectable resolution from 0.01 mg/l (0.1%) to 0.1 mg/l (1%).
  • Automatic air pressure compensation 600-1300 hPa.
  • Temperature
  • Reads temperatures with 0.1°C resolution.
  • Manual or automatic temperature compensation (O2: 0...50°C).
  • Calibrates temperature probe for quality measurements.
  • Inputs
  • Two inputs for pH, mV, dissolved oxygen or conductivity + corresponding temperature and reference inputs.
  • Low voltage DC input for e.g. a mains adaptor.
  • Outputs
  • Two versions available:
  • C3020: with USB communication port and RS232 interface.
  • C3021: with Ethernet communication port and RS232 interface.
  • Data-logging Up to 12000 data sets can be stored manually or at a programmable interval.
  • Allows to mix data from all ranges in the same table.
  • Freely downloadable data acquisition software enables to view, store and edit the measurements in your computer.
  • Cabinet
  • Robust dust and splash-proof cabinet.
  • An optional wall mounting kit allows to fix the meter to any wall making more space available on the desk.
  • Display
  • A large bright LCD screen with white backlight enables to view all channels individually or simultaneously.
  • Stability indicator prompts the user when readings should be taken.
  • Hold function allows to freeze the display for convenient reading or recording.
  • The interactive LCD screen provides step by step instructions in the language of your choice (English, Dutch, French, German).
  • Real-time clock displays time and date.
  • Shows a GLP report on the LCD screen.
  • Special features
  • Two-way communication with a computer using USB, Ethernet or RS232.
  • Can be programmed to continue automatically with the measurements or data-logging after a power failure.
  • Password protection prevents any unauthorised modification of the instrument's settings.
  • No electrical interference between pH/ORP and conductivity electrodes in the same solution.
  • Optional 12 V car adaptor.
  • GLP
  • All procedures for a "Good Laboratory Practice" are on board.
  • Pre-programmed standards pH buffers: 1.68, 2.00, 4.00, 4.01, 6.87, 7.00, 9.18, 9.21, 10.01, 12.00, 12.45 (at 25°C). Conductivity: 1413 µS/cm, 12.88 mS/cm, 111.8 mS/cm (at 25°C).


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